Pack Light for Travel

How to Pack Light for Travel

Unless you are interested in paying more for baggage fees, you probably should learn how to pack light. Bringing on only carry-on luggage on your flight can save you a lot of money, time and aggravation. If you are only traveling for an overnight, it can be easy to only pack what you need for the day. If get more complicated when you have to stay longer than a day? According to an article, there are general rules of thumb that you should follow whenever you have to pack your suitcase for travel. If you need to pack light but don’t know how to get started you should ask yourself what the climate is and for how long you will be gone? If it is business, pleasure or both. And what is the season? Rules of thumbs for carry-ons include: Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes and pants wearing the heaviest of them on your flight. Don’t pack a week’s worth of clothes, instead plan on doing laundry. Pack only colors that will go with anything. Make sure your bags are clear of all the extra items from your last trip. If you have to carry extra bags such as purses and laptop bags, try to put all these items in one bag. Roll your clothing instead of folding them to minimize wrinkles which will also maximize your space.

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Barbados on a Budget –Seven Ways to Get the Caribbean Vacation of Your Dreams

Love All Barbados Has To Offer With Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals

Have you ever considered hiring Barbados private villa rentals? In truth, a lot of people haven’t as they think it’s very expensive and just not for them. However, private villa rentals are truly amongst the very best accommodation options today and vacationers are going to love what is on offer. Why should you consider luxury villa rentals?

The Costs Are Affordable For the Luxury Given

When people hear the words ‘luxury’ they panic and instantly think the costs are going to sky-rocket. In most cases, they would be one hundred and ten percent right but when it comes to luxury villa rentals in Barbados, the costs can in fact be a lot more reasonable. Really, Barbados luxury villa rentals are reasonable in price and quite affordable; that is truly ideal for every holiday-maker. It’s really interesting and nice to see how great the costs are for hiring a private villa and it’s pleasing most people too.

You Feel At-Home and At Ease

When you are on vacation and visiting somewhere so beautiful such as Barbados you want to feel really welcomed. However, while hotels are nice, they cannot always bring the closeness of the island which is a real shame to say the least. That is why opting for Barbados private villa rentals are ideal. You can absolutely enjoy the luxury that is on offer and really be made to feel at home and that’s very important. What is more, you can feel at ease and it’s a simpler way to enjoy the holiday. In truth, you can really love Barbados a lot more when you feel comfortable in the place you’re staying in. See more 

Explore the Island and Love the Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals

A lot of holiday-makers don’t really think too much about hiring villas as they often believe it’s a bit too pricy and not the ideal option for them. However, if you want to explore all Barbados has and really feel a part of the local community, why not rent a villa? Barbados private villa rentals are truly ideal and they are able to offer so much. You can wake up every day and see those gorgeous sights and head out for a day of fun. When you return later on, you can enjoy having the peace and quiet. You can even fall asleep to the sound of the ocean waves! It’s an experience you cannot get anywhere else.

Barbados Is Beautiful

Who wouldn’t want to visit Barbados, even for a day? You have a lot of gorgeous scenery to enjoy and truly it’s an island that holds a very special place in the heart of many. When you are visiting the island you really should consider a luxury villa rental. These are truly ideal and you get a lot of comfort from home and many more additional extras. You can feel at ease and comfortable staying in the villa and really get the comfort you deserve. Opting for Barbados luxury villa rentals are ideal and something you will want to consider also. See more this site:

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Barbados Beaches Perfect For a Getaway Vacation

Barbados Beaches Perfect For a Getaway Vacation

A lot of people fancy time in a secluded island surrounded with coconuts, great sun, and a fantastic environment, but the most of them think this trip can be only a pretty dream because they seem that a traveling to an island would be more expensive than any vacation they have done before. Nowadays, this is not really the case. If you want to spend some precious time with your family, friends, or a loved one in a faraway island, the Barbados beach is one place you can consider. Forget all about the expenses that other people said they have spent when they visited this enchanting place. You can get to Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals in half of your estimated budget.

Generally speaking, Barbados is an island with peaceful beaches everywhere. It is placed in the Atlantic coastline and has been one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean. The main attraction of the island is its soft, warm, and quiet beaches. The white sand against the waters is the perfect complement for the blue and calm waves.

Privacy is the main reason why most people opt for the Barbados beach for family getaways or honeymoons. The beaches are open to the public and most of the properties, villas, and vacation beach homes are within a stone throw away from the waters. This makes the beaches easily accessible from your place of here for more details.

Vacationing families can choose from Barbados Villa Rentals, beach vacation rentals and other properties to occupy during their stay. Beach home rentals and condominiums are the best choices though if you are on a budget. While this may require you to walk a few yards toward the shore, it is still an excellent way to distribute your budget, saving on your accommodation expenses to have a more money for going to nice restaurants and other places.

The Barbados beach is a great place for family activities such as swimming and almost all types of water sports. Aside from that, travelers would also enjoy nature hiking and trekking. Sports such as golf, tennis, and cycling can be enjoyed in the island as well.

Off-season travelers can avail of great discounts if they choose to schedule their travel during such time. The peak season of the Barbados beach resorts is from December to April. However, try to stay clear from June until October, because hurricanes normally hit the area during such time. for more details, visit :

Barbados Beaches Perfect For a Getaway Vacation

Food and drinks are offered sumptuously within the island as well. But the best way to save on your tab is to settle for fresh fruits and home prepared breakfast and snacks. Dining out for lunch and dinner is okay but try to do it less frequently. Just choose the perfect time to taste the delicacies of the island. Fresh mango and banana are still the perfect morning meals. There are also fresh supplies of seafood and saltwater fish from the local market—andalso consider that going to the market will show you how locals live. Capitalize on them to make your dinners at your rented beach home as exclusive as the one spent at a local restaurant.

As for the drinks, keep in mind that Barbados is a country of rum. So if you drink, is better to get a bottle at the local shops. Forget the champagnes and the martinis for a while. They are drastically expensive in the island. Instead, visit a pub during the happy hours and get a bottle of rum for only $30 or so. Beer is also available, with the six-pack available for less than $10 at Barbados Private Villa Rentals.


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Holiday Essentials For a Memorable Barbados Escapade

Holiday Essentials For a Memorable Barbados Escapade

So, you’re finally flying to Barbados. Are your bags packed, your holiday villa booked and ready for your arrival, and are you ready for the Barbadian vacation experience?

You’re really excited for this vacation. You are nearing the end of your rope and you need some time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. You’re all geared up for an unforgettable Barbados experience.

But before anything else, let’s check your what-to-bring list and see if you’ve brought your vacation essentials to make this experience truly memorable. click here for more information.

  1. Barbados boasts of its fine, white to pinkish white, sandy beaches so you’d better bring your most flattering beach wear. The beaches of this small coral island are some of the most beautiful in the world. Take a dip in the clear and refreshing water of the Caribbean. You can also check about St Martin Private Villa Rentals here.
  2. Although most of the island is relatively flat, there are nice trails along the central region if you want to explore deeper into this island paradise. So, be sure to bring a good pair of sneakers for the trek and a knapsack, as well for your food, water, and other supplies.
  3. How do you go around the place without a good visitor’s guide with a map? Get one at your local travel agent or you can find one when you arrive at the airport in Barbados. Although,transportation is not a problem in this cosmopolitan island, it’s still better to know where you are, right? for more details, visit : Essentials For a Memorable Barbados Escapade
  4. Digital camera. When you’re going to a beautiful place such as Barbados, you can’t afford not to bring your digital camera. There are too many scenic spots in this place—you’ve just got to take pictures of them. Besides, what’s the best way to keep the memories of this Barbados experience if not photos taken from this island paradise?
  5. Your good old towel will prove indispensable in your stay in this wonderful coral island at Barbados Villa Rentals. You’re not exactly a hitch hiker to the galaxy but a towel will prove to be quite helpful, especially if you’re out there walking on the beach. You can simply lay it out on the sand, lie down, and soak up the Caribbean sun.
  6. Okay, so you’re not really planning to spend a lot of time outdoors. You just want to relax, loosen up, and chill out. Then maybe you’d better catch up on your reading and bring your one or two of your favorite books. You’ve had too much pressure, you just want to unwind and flex your mental muscles on this rare occasion of peace and solitude.

You better not forget these or it will not be the same experience. Imagine getting on the island and then you realize you left your digital camera? What a bummer! The vacation will simply not be as fantastic as it could have been, right?

If you’re up for the good times, exhilarating water sports, hiking, and the pulsating night life or maybe you’re opting for a more laid-back and relaxing vacation, then you must be able to pack the things you’ll be needing the most in this luxurious vacation to Barbados.

So let’s recap for a bit here: You’re favorite beach wear, a good pair of sneakers and a knapsack, a visitor’s guide with a map, digital camera, towel, and your favorite books. Are they all packed up? They had better be.

This island paradise has a lot to offer so be sure you are prepared for the adventures, as well as the misadventures, you will surely cherish for the rest of your life. Check and double check your vacation essentials for a truly unforgettable Barbados experience at Barbados Private Villa Rentals.…

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Barbados on a Budget –Seven Ways to Get the Caribbean Vacation of Your Dreams

Barbados on a Budget –Seven Ways to Get the Caribbean Vacation of Your Dreams

The words “Barbados” and “budget” rarely appear in the same sentence. But, if you know how, you can live large when traveling to this idyllic paradise Caribbean island where the palms sway gently, the white sand is warm, and the rum delights. click here for further details.

  1. Fly JetBlue. Beginning October 1, 2009, JetBlue will be flying from JFK to BGI. Introductory fares are especially fabulous and if JetBlue is true to its discount roots it will continue to offer great rates.
  2. Stay in a condo or villa instead of a hotel. You’ll get a larger place with a kitchen where you can save lots by preparing at least breakfasts and lunches, if not dinners, too. Also, you can rent a two-bedroom and take another couple and split the cost. Go to HomeAway and other vacation-rentals-by-owner sites for listings of well-priced Barbados Private Villa Rentals.
  3. Say no to martinis! Enjoy Barbados’ rum instead—inmoderation, of course. It’s believed rum was developed in Barbados in the early 1700s. It’s an ingedient in marinades, sauces, desserts, and beverages, and a tasty, fairly-low-cost libation to sip. for further details, visit : on a Budget –Seven Ways to Get the Caribbean Vacation of Your Dreams
  4. Use public transportation. Barbados has a bus system that’s not too bad and is only 75 cents a ride. All buses go to Bridgetown before they go other places, though, so plan on taking your time getting anywhere. The island also has a private system of “Zed” vans (so-called because their license plates begin with the letter “Z”) that zip all over the island. Although the rest of the island is on island time, the Zed vans zip through the streets like getaway cars from a bank heist.
  5. Eat on the street in St Lawrence Gap. Every night you can get fabulous chicken, fish, along with Bajan macaroni pie, yams, and plantains off the barbecues set up along “the Gap” on the lively south coast. Music pours wafts through the warm night air, the street is alive with happy people and the food is great. You can also take your food to the beach and have a picnic; you’ll be getting the same million-dollar view you’d be getting at the high-end restaurants. Learn more other information about Barbados Villa Rentals on this page.
  6. Eat at Oistins on Friday nights. It’s a tradition: everyone goes to Oistins Bay on the south coast on Friday nights for the Oistins Fish Fry. Cooking stations are set up along the beach there, musicians play, people party… it’s a really good time and you’ll get our famous flying fish. Is the fish fresh, you ask? Um, is still-wiggling fresh enough for you?
  7. Travel in low season. Between April 16 and December 15 you will find bargains galore—anddon’t be shy about asking about further discounts.

Come find out why, of all the Caribbean islands, Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals in Barbados has the most repeat visitors. Once you visit, you’ll be back, too. Not just for the beaches or the warm aqua sea or the friendly people, but for… here it comes … for your Friday fix of freshly fried flying fish … Now, after a couple of rum punches, say that fast three times!


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